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勝間さんからメールのお返事が来ました Katsuma-san emailed me back!

The English translation of this post is shown below.

勝間和代のインディペンデントな生き方 実践ガイド (ディスカヴァー携書 22)

「勝間和代のインディペンデントな生き方 実践ガイド」の最後に、勝間さんにメールで相談できる「おまけ」がついています。私は単行本のほうを昨年買っていたのですが、いざというときのために、このおまけを取っておきました。そして先日、「うーーーん、どうしよう」と困ったので、この1回限りの特典を使ってみることに。



著者と直接コミュニケーションができるというのは、貴重な体験で、いいですね。新しい、ユニークで効果的なマーケティング戦略でもありますね。(Emotional Marketingかな?)ここに、すっかり影響を受けた読者がひとり。口コミで広げそうな勢いです。(実際、友達に宣伝してますし)単なる売上アップのためというのではなく、giveの5乗を実践されている勝間さんだからできることだな、と思います。実際、他のベストセラー作家で、こういったことをされている人、私は思い浮かびませんでした。


1. できるだけ具体的、客観的に、状況や悩みを説明

2. 上記の悩みに対して、自分なりに気づいた点や、これからどう改善・行動しようと思っているかを箇条書きに

3. 下旬のメール送信を避ける(ご自身のブログで、下旬は鬼門、とおっしゃっていたので)


A current best-selling book,"Kazuyo Katsuma's Independent Way of Life," has a "gift" page, which gives you the opportunity to consult Ms. Katsuma, the author, about your concerns.  I bought the book last year and decided to keep the gift unopened for an emergency.   I faced problems the other day and ended up using the precious one-time coupon.

I was assuming that she would email me back about a week later or so because Ms. Katsuma, one of the busiest and most famous working mothers in Japan, may receive hundreds of emails a day.  Turns out, I was surprised and glad to receive a prompt reply from her.  She wrote books on time management and personal productivity--no wonder.  (Both are Japan's bestsellers.)

Her email shows that she listened sincerely to what I thought and helped me find a solution, providing me with specific action points that I can try.  I had been a huge worrywart before I emailed her.  In her reply, she opened a window of opportunity, saying, "Move on and implement practical steps."

To communicate directly with the author is an exciting and precious experience.  Ms. Katsuma's idea of using email is an innovative, unique and effective marketing strategy as well.  (Emotional Marketing?  Maybe.)  In fact, here's a reader (me), who was inspired by her to do a personal "Ms. Katsuma campaign," telling my friends about her books and her email.  I think this email gift is not merely one of her tactics but originated from her genuine generosity.  She is famous for her "give and give and give and give and give" policy.  I can't think of any other best-selling author who does email consultation like this.

When I emailed her, I paid attention to the following:

1. Try to be specific and objective to explain my concerns and the situation as much as possible.

2. Itemize my thoughts about my problems and tentative solutions that I come up with.

3. Avoid emailing her at the end of month--she explains on her blog that she gets quite busy with deadlines looming during that time period.

Katsuma-san, thank you so much for your warm message.  Your advice makes me feel positive about my future.  I have moved on.  One small step for me at this moment; one great leap for the rest of my life (I hope so.)


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